How to Acquire Safe Drinking Water Outdoors in the Wilderness

Trekking is a rigorous physical activity and it’s very easy to lose water through sweating. Water is needed by most living creatures to survive. Humans particularly, need to acquire safe drinking water, especially when doing strenuous physical activities.

How much water?

The amount of water intake depends on age, health, the environment, and the conditions that the person is in. On average, that is three liters of water on a normal day.

Get Safe Drinking Water

We need to maintain that famous 60% water composition. The more you sweat, the more you should drink. Whatever weight you lost by sweating, you should drink up to replace it.

Water revitalizes the cells including the muscles to keep them working properly for any activity. It also lubricates the joints for easier movement.

So you’re out in the wild and you have your trusty water bottle. No matter how much water you took with you, you can only carry so much and it will eventually run out.

Acquire Safe Drinking Water in the Wild

Do you go back and end your adventure?

No, you don’t! As with anything preparation is the key. For this situation preparation is easy, just bring a LifeStraw.

 LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw is a genius invention that is saving countless of lives of those in far-flung places that do not have access to clean and safe to drink water. The basic LifeStraw is a portable straw that helps anyone to acquire safe drinking water anywhere. It works by converting water from most natural sources to a safe to drink form.

What kind of sources can the LifeStraw get water from?

Almost any natural water source. That includes, but does not limit to, waterfalls, streams, springs, and ponds can now be a good source of water on your next hike. Have some peace of mind bring the LifeStraw with you.

Nowadays, the LifeStraw comes in many forms like the LifeStraw Steel that offers a more durable casing. The LifeStraw Go is a major innovative upgrade. It is a water bottle with built in LifeStraw filtering technology so you can collect water from almost any source. LifeStraw Family is an even bigger container to support huge groups of people while outdoors.


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Harvesting water from a creek, a lake, or the sea for drinking – survival style

Basically, if you find a source of running water, it’s almost always safe to assume that the water is safe to drink. But to add a layer of safety, dig a hole inland near the water sources and harvest it there.

The concept is that you’re using the earth to filter out the water’s contaminants. Watch the video above for a demo. You must do this to observe proper health and hygiene to protect yourself from bacteria and sickness.

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More Tips on How to Acquire Safe Drinking Water in the Wilderness

Check out the video below for more tips on surviving in the wilderness, particularly acquiring safe drinking water.

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