Built-to-Last Portable Travel Grills for Camping and Outdoor Activities

Spending quality time outdoors with friends and family is not complete without bringing along dependable portable travel grills.

Be it on the beach, lakeside, park or campsite, a travel grill will always come in handy.

Nothing is more satisfying than partaking of food prepared and cooked on site.

Portable Travel Grills

Before grabbing the nearest portable grill available, pause and think if it fits your needs. There are different kinds of grills, each has its own set characteristics that you must consider before buying. Foremost, of course, is safety. Grills made of cast aluminum and iron, enamel steel, and stainless steel are guaranteed safe.

Charcoal-fueled Portable Grills

In terms of efficiency, this the type of grill that ranks high on the list. For one, being coal-fueled it produces high grilling temperature as high as 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Coal takes a long time before it burns out helping you save on fuel. Coal-fueled grills also generate smoke which adds aroma to the food being cooked.

Gas-fueled Portable Travel Grills

This type of grill allows for a fast and easy grilling. Most gas-fueled grills come with spark ignition system which makes it ready for cooking within a few seconds, unlike coal-powered ones which take longer to prepare for cooking as the coal takes longer to ignite. This grill ideal for backpackers who are always on the go.

Electric-powered Portable Travel Grills

Electric grills also make grilling fast and easy. This type of grill also has a spark ignition system and also produces high grilling temperature. However, this needs to be hooked up to an electric outlet or generator to function. This is not your ideal grill to bring to a location where electricity is not accessible.

Cooking outdoors is not only a relaxing and satisfying activity with friends and the whole family, it also has a romantic feel to it. It feels like paying homage to our ancestors who would always prepare, cook, and eat their meals by the campfire.

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