Camping and Hiking Gear for Beginners

Camping and hiking regularly are good for both the physical and mental health. With the proper camping and hiking gear, you can easily unwind from the stress of the repetitive daily schedule. It also helps your body re-sync with nature. It’s generally a good thing because it allows your body to reset. When your body resets, your sleep cycle normalizes, along with other cycles that are involved in how your body functions. This, in turn, creates a healthier you.

How does the body do that?

With minimal artificial light sources, you have the timing of the sun, moon, and stars to guide you in your activities while camping. These light sources serve as the trigger for your brain when to sleep or when to wake up. Naturally, when your body is stripped of other external controlling factors like cell phones and alarm clocks, it has no choice but to rely on its natural design. Don’t underestimate your natural instincts, your body knows what it’s supposed to do and when to do it.

Camping and Hiking Gear

But camping is no joke and without years of experience or training, it can be tough for average people without the proper equipment. To help avoid needless hassle for the new camper, some knowledge and equipment are required. Of course, the more you actually experience camping the easier it will be, just like any other activity.

Here are some techniques and equipment to get you going with your dream of camping or whatever outdoor activity you fancy.

A Good Quality, Durable, and Waterproof Tent

Camping Hiking Waterproof Tent

Practice setting up your tent before going out camping. This is a must. That way you know what to do when you’re out there and an emergency happens. For example, if it started raining and you have to set up your tent immediately.

Make sure that your tent is strong, most tents are enough but the higher quality the better. Another thing to make sure is if your tent is waterproof. Before you head out, test your tent. Try sprinkling some water onto it to mimic rain and check the interior.

Here is a selection of tents to get you started with:

Portable Lamps and Flashlights

Portable Lamps Flashlights Camping

Even though artificial light sources should be avoided when camping, it’s still needed and won’t hurt your retreat to nature. But make sure to use it sparingly. Grab one that goes with your tent’s design.

A First-Aid Kit and Basic Knowledge on How to Use It

Take care of your health, avoid injuries and when they do happen, be prepared and know what to do in advance. Learn basic first aid, most of the time there are no doctors in the woods. When choosing your first-aid kit, consider the space it will take in your travel bag. The more you have in your kit, the better but it’s not a hard rule.

To find more first-aid kits that might suit your travel needs, check out First-Aid Kits For Traveling – DIY Kits and Ideas to Fit Your Needs.

Mini Camping and Hiking Gear – Shovel and Utility Knife

Hiking Gear for Beginners

When it comes to outdoor activities, especially when dealing with survival situations, the most important camping and hiking gear must be survival knives. Having tools like a shovel and a survival pocket knife when camping is very convenient. Most of the time you will need to dig or cut something.

You’ll have to find the balance here, though, each item you add to your list to carry will add to the total weight. Typically smaller means lighter but smaller means it smaller performance too. You might also want to try full-tang outdoor knives to withstand the most rugged of uses.

This isn’t always the case as there are some situations that smaller means better. The thing to focus on instead is choosing high-quality products as they perform better and are more durable per dollar.

Bedding – Sleeping Bags or Mats, Pillows, and Blankets

Portable Camping Ovens and Cooking Knowledge

What is camping without camping food? Camping and hiking gear for cooking like sandwich makers are fun. Teach your kids how to cook their own food. Then experience the fun yourself.

As for cooking, cookers and stoves that use fuel are very convenient but with a little knowledge making your own fire from wood would also do.

Food Containers and Food Preservation

Camping Washing Tub and Cleaning Equipment

Portable Camping and Hiking Gear – Fold-up Tables and Chairs

Hiking Boots and Other Camping Gear

And finally when you’re out camping, always take a hike. A real walk in the wilderness but be safe and protect yourself from nature with the following equipment.

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