Duffel Bags And Their Most Common Uses

Duffel bags are one of the oldest bags known, with them being around since the 1940s. Although these duffel bags are older than your grandmother, they never really went out of style. In fact, you would definitely see them being part of the millennial trend, with its all-around and timeless design, it is a no-brainer that this bag would be carried by people from different generations.

The duffel bags were created for Military personnel; it was named after where it was created—Duffels, Belgium. Often called sea bags, kitbags or even gym bags, these bags’ cylindrical shape made it useful to any kind of activities.

Despite it being useful to different activities, such as sports, Duffel bags are considered fashionable as well, time had made it evolve to different types—leather, canvas, cotton, even plastic—you name it, duffel bags has made its way to different forms for various types of activities.

Duffel Bags

The duffel bag started out in humble beginnings. Military personnel were the first patronizers of this kind of bag. After the war, the surfer sub-culture adapted the bag, probably for its simplicity. It’s basically a large hollow tube made of cloth. Just open the top and stuff your things in.

As long as it is relevant, anything that penetrates into sports, will surely spread among other types of sports. Furthermore, this chain reaction spills over to sports apparel – even though not necessarily for performance.

Duffel Bags for Travel and Business

Duffel bags at present are often used for sports activities but these bags are fit for travel and business as well. Why? You may ask? These bags are perfect for hand-carry bags, where you could easily stuff right in your important stuff and even clothes! Because of its cylindrical shape, it is highly spacious and easy to carry.

Duffel Bags in Pop Culture

Jason Bourne Duffel Bag

Useful it may be for most activities, these bags can also be in couture. See a celebrity bringing this bag for a tour would make all this celebrity’s fans go gaga over duffel bags. Duffel bag, because of it being timeless, is still making way through the mainstream media world. It can be often seen brought by celebrities, used in films and even in fashion shows.

Gym Sports and Recreation

Duffel bags are often called gym bags; you could definitely someone sporting this bag at any gym around town. Its cylindrical shape makes it easier for gym users to easily place their towels, bottles, and clothes inside—it is easy to carry as well!

Duffel Bags for Hunting and Outdoors

Hunting Duffel Bag

These bags are often made with canvas or khaki type of cloth. It is designed with heavy duty hand straps so they could easily carry your outdoor and hunting apparatus.

Now you know more about duffel bags, may it be for travel, fashion or for your outdoor needs, why not sport one?

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