Full Tang Survival Knives For Camping and Hiking

When in a survival situation, one of the most important tools you should always have is a survival knife. Most of the time you will need to cut things up when building a shelter, starting a fire, and many other survival activities. Survivalists know that full tang survival knives are more durable than partial tang or even folding knives regardless of material.

While partial tang or folding survival knives will serve its basic functionality while camping, you’ll probably find the need to replace them often. Which is understandable since they are considerably cheaper than full tang knives. Full tang survival knives more durable and will last with heavier use and in more extreme conditions.

Full tang survival knives

What is a “Tang” Anyway?

The tang or the shank is the back part of the blade of the knife where the handle is attached. Folding knives basically has no tang. The only thing closest to a tang is the fulcrum part where the handle attaches to the blade via an axle.

Partial tang knives are fixed blade knives but the shank only partially goes into the handle. With regards to strength and durability, it’s only a little stronger, if not just the same, as a folding knife.

Full Tang Survival Knives and Accessories

Most survival knives on sale right now come with basic survival accessories like compasses and fire starters. For beginner campers, this probably is the best choice. You’ll need all the survival equipment you can put your hands on.

Full Tang Tactical and Survival Knives

If you’re a somewhat intermediate camper or survivalist and just looking to replace your knife, check these tactical knives. These knives are durable and are suitable for your extreme outdoor activities.

Other Essential Survival Accessories

Just in case you need some survival equipment for your outdoor activities, here are some that you can choose from.

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