Hiking Backpacks: How to Choose A Proper Pack for Hiking

Hiking backpacks, also known as daypacks, are the trustworthy keeper that willingly holds your things for you. It even literally clings to your back going wherever you go. Furthermore, it seems that choosing a backpack for hiking is easy and everything is a perfect experience.

As it turns out:

Not everybody has the best experience with their backpacks. Problems include how it fits, or not, to your body and how comfortable it is when being worn and carried around all day. Others have problems when it comes to choosing a backpack. Should they choose based on color and design? Or should they choose one based on functionality and comfort?

Hiking Backpacks

Backpack Functionality

The thing is you can actually choose based on both. Well, a little of both. The key is to prioritize a little bit and get a mix of settings that will perfectly suit your preferences. For hikers, the characteristic you should be looking for in a backpack is it’s fit to your body. In addition, also look out for its breathability. With this combination, you’ll have a backpack that will be comfortable to move around with ease and breathable enough to minimize sweating.

Sweat that is stuck between your skin and some fabric mixed with body heat creates a breeding ground for bacteria. As a result, the bacteria causes a bad odor to develop and since the bacteria live in the fabric, the bad odor sticks with it. That’s another thing to take note. Make sure the material has wicking properties that make it easier to dry off sweat by evaporation. Moreover, these types of materials are good at absorbing liquids. They absorb sweat and naturally evaporates them off quickly.

Hiking Backpack Design

Now that the functionality part is covered you can move over to the design aspects of the backpack. But what about the size or the volume capacity. Well, you can consider that when you’re choosing the design. Some designs look good on a large backpack, and some designs look more streamlined on a compact hiking backpack.

The backpack’s pockets, or the lack thereof, also play a good part in having a good design for a backpack. Extreme hiking backpackers need more volume and more compartments for long-term hiking supplies. Light hikers can choose a backpack that generally has one main compartment and a few or no pockets.

Basic Hiking Backpacks

When starting out hiking, it’s a good idea to pick a backpack that’s tried and tested. Expert and new hikers alike are safe when choosing conventional hiking backpacks. With enough compartments to keep your things handy, basic backpacks should suit most hikers’ needs and that includes you.

Minimalist and Light Hiker Backpacks

Some hikers like it light. In fact, this is not just for some hikers. Minimalism is a mentality that encompasses activities and ideas. From architecture to web design. Minimal and simple is the key concept and most of the time it actually works, like these backpacks.

Extreme Backpacker’s Hiking Backpacks

For the extreme needs of the extreme hiker, we understand that the road is life. Backpacks need to serve a lot of purposes for the huge list of things you need to bring. That includes a portable closet, laundry bag, first aid kit, medicine bag, and a personal cabinet on the go.

Hiking Backpacks for Kids

Finally, as a kid, hiking can be a very fun and educational experience. Equip the kids with the proper hiking backpacks that will help them stay healthy. Teach the kids how to care for their own belongings and introduce them to the great outdoors.

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