Women’s Guide to Buying Hiking Clothes

Let’s face it, there are numerous hiking clothes for women in and around most stores. It would be harder for women to search for the proper hiking outfit that they need for their tiring-yet-worth-it trekking.

Lucky you, girls, we have listed several qualities (no, not of your partner) of hiking clothes that you need to take consideration of when you go shopping for your trekking outfit.

Hiking Clothes for Women

Hiking Clothes for Women: Jackets and Shirts

For your inners, such as your shirts and sweaters, make sure that you wear thermal or dry fit ones. Make sure that you’re wearing soft fabrics to ensure that you’re comfortable while you’re hiking. You don’t want to have an itchy fabric when hiking–you might just do itching rather than the hiking itself. For your jackets, make sure that they are not the light ones that you often wear when you’re at home or for casual purposes. Furthermore, make sure to buy one that is water-resistant, with a hood and has a comfortable fabric too. Usually, these comfortable hiking jackets are made from Nylon, Fine Mesh, and Polyester.

Hiking Clothes for Women: Pants and Shorts

Now that you’re ready for your top, next we have your bottoms.  No, we don’t use denim pants or your regular department store branded pants for hiking. Better use the ones that are solely for hiking itself. Usually, buy pants that are made of nylon and can actually protect you from the sun. These are often waterproof and are stretchable. These are created stretchy so you could easily walk and hike comfortably—we wouldn’t want ripped pants while we’re at the mountain.

Hiking Clothes for Women: Socks and Shoes

We’re almost done with your outfit. Finally, we go to the items for your feet. For the socks, make sure they can make you feel warm despite the cold temperature. Also, choose the ones that can easily dry when wet. These socks are usually created using wool. For your shoes, make sure that you buy ones one size bigger than your size for when you hike. Your feet tend to get swollen due to it being tired from all the hiking that you did. Make sure that water doesn’t go in easily, that it is blister free and finally, make sure you’re comfortable with it.

Visit our women’s hiking shoes page to find more of these lovely but rugged hiking shoes.

Are you now ready for hiking? Make sure that you’re 101% equipped for your trip!

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