Hiking Gaiters: Protect Your Legs and Feet from Water, Snow and Snakes

When hiking, you’ll probably encounter lots of hindrances. Some are troublesome and cause hassle. Some are dangerous and could be life-threatening. There is one solution that can help defend against most of these hurdles. Hiking gaiters are very useful accessories when hiking.

Here’s why:

Hiking gaiters are garments that hikers wear to protect their legs. They are similar to leggings and they serve a very useful purpose. That purpose is to protect you from many inconveniences of any outdoor activity. For instance, waterproof gaiters prevent water splashes from entering your shoes from above. In addition, gaiters also cover much of your lower leg keeping them from getting wet.

Hiking Gaiters

Another example is the snow gaiter. They keep your legs warm and dry. They also prevent snow from piling up in the opening of your shoes. With the help of the heat generated by your foot, snow particles will melt. Turning to water as a result and soaking your socks and, eventually, feet.

In jungle settings, hikers can protect themselves from snake bites using snake gaiters.

In the past, manufacturers use leather to make gaiters. Nowadays, they use more durable and specially designed synthetic material to keep the flexibility but offer more protection.

Waterproof Gaiters

Waterproof hiking gaiters, as the name implies, are designed for keeping water from coming into contact with your pants. It protects the lower leg part.

In addition, it also keeps water from entering through the opening of your shoes. Keeping your legs and feet as dry as possible, helping you have a hassle-free hike.

Snow Hiking Gaiters

These special type of gaiters are designed to be worn while hiking over snow. Athletes and hikers also commonly wear these while doing any winter activity like climbing or skiing.

Snow gaiters help you keep your legs and feet warm through the chilling temperatures of being around snow. As a result, your winter hiking becomes a little bit easier and more manageable.

Snake Guard Gaiters

When trekking through the jungle, it’s rare but instances do occur that a snake might cross your path. This is because of the snake’s flight or fight attitude. If it hears some commotion, like a person walking towards the area, its first option would be to escape.

However, if you catch a snake off guard or it’s being territorial like when guarding its eggs, it will confront you. The chance of the snake attacking is also unlikely. You better be prepared in case it does attack. Snake guards can withstand penetration from the snake’s fang, so wearing one isn’t such a bad idea.

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