How to Set Up a Tent – You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is!

Camping makes people happy and healthy. Because you get satisfaction from the feeling of wanting to get away from the repetitive routines of everyday work. It’s also human nature to want to connect to the outside world and explore the beauty of Mother Nature. But do you even know how to set up a tent?

You probably do, but if you don’t, then this is for you!

There are lots of steps to prepare yourself for camping including research of the activities, basic survival, first aid, just to name a few. But let’s start off with something really basic. Let me show you how to setup a tent quickly and easily but most importantly, properly.

How to Easily Set Up Tent

Buy a Tent – Get a Good Quality Tent

First thing’s first, to go camping, you need a tent. If you’re pretty good with the making things, you can probably make your own. But most people are not. They just buy ready-made tents. It’s sure to be durable and strong. Furthermore, it’s light, easy to carry, and more cost-effective.

How to set up a tent

You have to consider the tent material. Is it good? Is it waterproof?

There are many types to choose from too, but the most basic and the most common for campers is the dome tent. A lot are available commercially. The tent’s shape and material already handle waterproofing. Because the shape when assembled and the tent rainfly protects you if it rains.

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Large family tents

The best family tent is a tent that accommodates everyone, including the dog. Manufacturers design most family tents specifically to cater the needs of a camper family. While the concept is the same, the fact that family tents are big makes it a little bit harder to set up. But this could be viewed as an opportunity to build up teamwork and can be a fun family activity.

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Backpacking tent

Some people prefer to do it alone when camping and it’s a very positive experience. If you’re one of them the best camping tents available for you are those called backpacking tents. They’re compact and light so they can be as easy to carry as possible but they can only accommodate one or two persons. A small tent is an easy tent to set up.

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Here’s how to set up a tent

How to set up a tent – Step 1: prepare the tent materials

The first thing to do is to lay out all the parts of the tent. Keep in mind where you place each one to have a hassle free and easy tent setup.

How to set up a tent – Step 2: lay out the tent in the location and direction desired

Stretch out the ground cloth over the area where you want your tent setup. Stick a stake on each corner using the loops provided. If your tent didn’t come with stakes and you don’t have them. You can gather some sticks or small branches and use them instead. Just stick them with an angle pointing away from the tent so the ground cloth won’t slip out of the stake.

Then lay the main tent cloth over the ground cloth and make sure the door is in the direction where you want it to be.

How to set up a tent – Step 3: make the tent stand up

Then connect the segments of the pole together to form a single flexible pole. There should be two of these for the main tent piece. They will form an X-shape and each end of the poles will go to the corners of your tent providing the needed rigid structure.

Place the poles on top of the tent material in an X-shape and attach the hooks. Some tents have loops that you insert the pole into. When both poles are done, bend them up so they will form an arch and give form to the tent. When bending up the hooks or the loops will easily slide over each segment of the pole but in case some get stuck and resists, don’t force it just adjust it a little and let it slide.

How to set up a tent – Step 4: cover the tent with the tent rainfly

Cover the whole tent with the tent rainfly. Mind the direction as there is a side designated to the front or door of the tent. Then a pole will be used to fluff up the rainfly so the edges are away from the openings of your tent.

You’re Done! But Not Quite Yet.

You should now have a tent ready to serve as your home while camping. If you need more camping or tent supplies check out the following products or read about the most basic camping and hiking gear or check out these camping gear and accessories!

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