Hydration Packs for Hikers, Campers, and Cyclists

Are you doing outdoor physical activities on a regular basis? Don’t forget to stay hydrated. Get some hydration packs.

Hydration packs are water bags or containers that are inside a bag that will fit snugly to your body when you wear it. The most common form is the backpack. But other form factors also exist.

These packs are famous among hikers, cyclists, and almost everyone doing long-range physical outdoor activities.

Hydration Packs

We all know that exercise is a good thing. This is because, during our last significant evolution, humans needed to adapt to a never-ending survival situation. Food and water are scarce so the body naturally developed a way to store energy from food in the form of fat.

In most modern cities nowadays, there is an abundance of food. With a little cash, you can buy more food than what you need for a day. Leaving the body full of fat.

Exercising is a way to burn off this extra energy. But as with any activity, exercise also use up water. Our bodies need water. All the time. Staying hydrated while hiking or cycling on a remote trail can be tricky. We are used to water that is free of contaminants present in water from outdoor sources.

Fortunately for everyone, the remedy for this situation is simple. Just bring your own water with any of the following hydration packs.

Hydration Backpacks – Carry More Than Just Water

If you’re hiking, camping, or backpacking and you need to carry some stuff, hydration backpacks are ideal. Hydration backpacks are backpacks with specialized compartments for water bags. This is like a multi-purpose backpack. Depending on the volume capacity of the backpack, you can almost bring everything you need for your trip.

Basic Hydration Packs for Lightweight Hydration

For light hikers and cyclists, being lightweight matters. There are suitable hydration packs that do just one thing. Carry water. They’re small and lightweight and sticks to your back like a backpack but with no extra weight except for the water. It gets lighter as you drink from it making these packs suitable for long-range travel.

Hydration Bags – Portable Water Storage Containers

On the other hand, hydration bags are bare and sport a hand-carry design. Hydration bags are also known as water bags. They can be carried as is or they can be inserted into other bags. Some hydration packs and hydration backpacks do not come with a water bag.

You can also put an extra water bag into a hydration backpack if you need more water. It would be a bit heavier but you will have more water.

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