Neck Gaiters: What Are They and Why Do You Need Them

Hiking and the outdoors are fun, especially if the weather is playing along and cooperating nicely. Most of the time, though, the weather seems to live up to its status of being an obstacle for travelers. To protect your neck, some nice neck gaiters should do the trick.

Neck gaiters will keep your neck warm when you’re out in the cold. On the other hand, it will protect your skin and keep your neck cool if you’re out in extreme heat. Furthermore, if you’re perspiring too much, it will help wick off sweat and keep you dry. This is because of the wicking ability of the synthetic material used in making neck gaiters.

These benefits can be extended to the lower part of your head and in fact even your whole head and neck. It all depends on how these neck gaiters are worn as it’s a very versatile and dynamic piece of clothing.

Neck Gaiters

Neck gaiters are very simple but their uses span multiple purposes. They’re very simple, just think of a tube made of flexible material that you can use to cover your neck. This is useful for hikers going up a winter trail. For bikers, this can stop chilly winds going towards your neck and making you feel very uncomfortable.

In the cold, it can keep your neck and your head warm. It can even serve as a base layer for your hood. As a base layer, it’s a comfortable garment that offers another layer of keeping the heat near your skin. As for really hot weather, direct sun contact to your skin is never ideal. Neck gaiters are just thick enough to cover your neck but still comfortable even in hot weather.

Also, the synthetic material used absorbs the sweat coming out of your skin and tends to immediately release it. Since the sweat can’t be released back to your skin, the neck gaiter’s material will evaporate it instead. As a result, keeping your comfortable cool at just the right temperature.

Hiking gaiters are available for if you want to protect your legs, boots, or shoes.

All Around Versatile Neck Gaiters

Most neck gaiters have a simple tube-like design. You can wear these by simply having it around your neck or also around the lower half of your head. This way it can help ease your breathing when traveling dusty places. You can also wear it around your head. Being creative is part of its versatility.

Neck Gaiters with Specific Design

Offering less versatility are neck gaiters with specific purpose, functionality, or design. There is almost only one way to wear it. On the plus side, these gaiters have a unique artwork making them good to look at.

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