Safety Tip: Hiking with Survival Kit

Are you an adventurous soul that oftentimes you go overboard and injure yourself? If you are, then it is time to improvise. This time, you have to take precautions by carrying with you a Survival Kit. This essential may not always keep you out of trouble but it sure will keep you alive. Here are few of the things that should be in your kit whilst hiking:


In case you get shallow cuts or wounds, get a Band-Aid so that you can stop the profuse bleeding and infection. A Band-Aid also helps your wound get better day by day. Since it also keeps it dry, it will be easier to clean as well.

Rubbing Alcohol

You need a rubbing alcohol to keep your hands clean before touching anything outdoors. Aside from that, you also need it to cleanse your cuts or wounds to avoid infections. It sure does help to be clean and alert, at the same time.

Clean cloth or Cotton

Imagine yourself hiking and in the middle of your stunt, you slightly hit rock bottom and suffered bruises or injuries. This is where clean cloth and cotton step in. They are used as an absorbent for rubbing alcohol or water to cleanse your injuries before it gets worse. Cleaning it will help you see where treatment should be made.

Elastic Band

In case of profuse bleeding, deep cuts or fracture, you need to use an Elastic Band. This survival item will help you stop the bleeding by tying it around the affected area. It also helps if you use this with a stick around your fractured bone.

While waiting for medical assistance, it is also safe to say that you should slowly give yourself treatment by using the available items that you have in your Survival Kit. In the end, you should still remember that an ounce of prevention is better than cure. Enjoy hiking but be safe too!

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