Survival Knives for Camping and Outdoor Activities

Knives are an essential tool when you’re outdoors. Have you ever imagined how hard a camping situation would be without some sort of cutting tool? That’s why carrying survival knives in whatever outdoor activity you’re doing is a must.

It’s true.

Camping knives can double and act as replacement tools for cutting jobs. For example a pair of scissors. Sure you can just bring a pair, but then now you have two things to carry. However, in the idea of being compact to make carrying things easier, you’ll want a single tool to serve as many purposes as possible.

Survival Knives

Most survival knives can handle all sorts of cutting jobs. This involves cutting pieces of cordage, cutting food pieces like meat and veggies, and cutting branches that block paths. In addition, most knives are small enough to easily carried in a pocket or a bag pocket. Furthermore, the knives themselves require little to no maintenance at all.

There are many types of knives to choose from but they basically function the same, they cut things. This way you can choose your survival knife based on looks and design and still know that it will work as expected. Just one thing to note is the material. Make sure it’s easy to sharpen and it stays sharp so you can use it over and over again in your outdoor adventures.

Large Fixed Blade Tactical Survival Knives

Tactical survival knives are built to look like the ones issued to the army. They are fairly large but not bulky. They are fit for most if not all types of cutting jobs. Furthermore, they will withstand cutting jobs that have some chopping involved. This type of survival knife is ideal for extreme survival situations like long-term camping.

More high performance and durability full tang knives also available!

Compact Fixed Blade Camping Knives

For the campers who like things small and compact, there are knives just for you. Small knives are basically the same thing but only smaller.

Spring Assisted Folding Survival Knives

Folding knives are even a step further towards being compact. In fact, it’s even borderline concealed. One advantage of the folding knife is most of the time you won’t need a sheath for it. The blade itself is concealed inside the hollow part of the handle.

Multi-Purpose Camping Survival Knives

Swiss-army knives fall into the multi-purpose category because of the many tools that come with it. But that’s not the only type of multi-purpose knives. Some multipurpose knives have only one piece but each nook, curve, and corner serve a certain purpose. Some have embedded compass for navigation purposes.

2 thoughts on “Survival Knives for Camping and Outdoor Activities”

  1. mike says:

    Any knife with a hollow handle will not last and is simply ‘eyecandy’.
    A carbon-steel, full-tang, six-inch blade will perform far better than these…things.

    1. admin says:

      Hi mike, thank you for your input. Most of these are general purpose use for most camping activities and are cheap. I’ll try and compile a list of high-performance survival knives.

      Edit: Here is the list of full tang survival knives.

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