Travel Towels For Campers Hikers And Backpackers

Towels may be small irrelevant things at first glance. But travel towels are essential for the everyday life of a traveler. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or backpacking. Whenever you need to get dry you turn to your handy towel.

Aside from travelers, towels are also useful for gym-goers as they do a very good job absorbing sweat.

Travel towels differ from regular towels as they small and designed to dry really fast. This makes the life of a backpacker really easy. In addition, it’s quick to dry so you can pick it up and shove it into your bag anytime.

Travel Towels

There are different types of towels and you can choose any of them. They all do the same job with a little difference and which one to choose is your discretion.

Here are the different types of travel towels you might be interested in:

Microfiber Travel Towels

Ss the name implies, really fine fiber makes up microfiber towels. The fibers are so fine that typically, 100,000+ fibers compose each square inch of the towel. Manufacturers usually use nylon fibers when making microfiber towels, but sometimes also use polyester.

Microfiber cloth works by attracting particles on a surface and making them stick. As a result, these towels are also good for cleaning walls, tables, and other surfaces. Aside from being a great towel for your sweat.

They are good at wicking away sweat from the skin. In addition, microfiber cloth is also very elastic. As a result, microfiber is a good choice for making athletes’ clothing, called jerseys.

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Polyester Travel Towels

Polyester towels are a good choice for travelers and backpackers due to their fast-drying capability. They are made of polyester, that means they are plastic. Due to the material and structure, polyester repels water so drying them up is really easy.

The holes or spaces between fibers of a polyester travel towel help in absorbing sweat or other particles from your skin. Then easily disperses them as it is being air-dried.

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Linen Travel Towels

Linen towels may be the most expensive of the bunch. This is because of the manufacturing process that is labor-extensive. Makers use natural fibers from the flax plant to make linen towels.

The thing that makes linen towels ideal as a travel towel is that it dries fast. Almost as fast as polyester towels and the difference is extremely small. On the other hand, if polyester towels repel water, linen sucks it up really well. As a result drying sweat using a linen towel is an easy job.

Linen travel towels also have natural anti-bacterial properties. Therefore you can keep using your towel for longer periods of time without the towel becoming smelly.

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Large Towels for Camping

If you are camping for long stretches, large towels are ideal for drying purposes. Like what you have at home, large travel towels does an amazing job. You can easily pack two to five of these in your camping bag. As they don’t take a lot of space. They mostly come packed tightly in their own bag so you can save as much space as you can.

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