Traveling Essentials For The At Home Feel – Do Not Travel Without These

It’s a familiar story and it goes like this. You have a great travel plan. However, you’re unsure if your list of things you prepared are all the traveling essentials you need for your trip.

Admit it, even though you’re going outside of your house, you don’t want to lose that being at home feeling. Home is the ultimate comfort zone. No matter how you want to travel you still want to feel comfortable and if possible, feel at home.

Traveling Essentials Feel At Home

Good news!

Aside from simple preparation techniques, we have also included a list of items that you need to bring. So sit tight and read on to be fully prepared for your travel.

The First of the Traveling Essentials – Plan Ahead

You need to plan your home away from home. Don’t forget to book your hotel room and have a solid hotel room plan. Even if you’re backpacking it’s always best to prepare any room agreements in advance. Don’t forget to hold on to any receipt or proof.

If you’re camping outdoors, locations with bed and breakfast nearby are also ideal in case of emergencies. These businesses can be found anywhere these days.

Once those are out of the way, kept safely in your bag, it’s time to prepare your things.

The Forget-Everything-Except-These Traveling Essentials

Traveling essentials

Begin by collecting these things and preparing them for packing. Try to be as organized as you can be:

  • Travel documents – passport, identification documents, itinerary, accommodation printouts, maps, cash, and credit cards.
  • Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, comb, and deodorants.
  • Health and survival – bring over-the-counter medicines, multivitamins, prescription medications and pills if you’re on them, a survival knife, paracord bracelets.
  • Beddings – pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, and tent if you’re planning  on camping outside.

Make Your Belongings Safe With a Durable Travel Bag

First, gather those things and have them ready nearby. Then start packing them into your bag. Make sure that everything is easy to find and easy to access. In addition, keep the things you’ll probably use more frequently out front and the least frequent to the back. As a result, finding things later will be a lot easier.

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Second, you should reserve some space for the following items. Also, try to keep everything inside one bag if possible:

  • Clothing and accessories – try to imagine the place you’re going. Pack the appropriate clothing. Consider the length of your stay. Don’t forget a watch.
  • Gadgets – aside from your phone and laptop, cameras, chargers, and some extra batteries.
  • Finally, some more toiletries. If there’s still space in your travel bag; like a mirror, cologne or perfume, and nail clippers.

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Let Someone Know – This is a Traveling MUST

This should be the last of the traveling essentials you’ll need. On the day of your departure, double check everything. Also, set up your email autoresponder and voice mail. Let everyone that may be looking for you know that you’re out.

To sum it up, leave a note. Let someone know about your destination and plans in case of emergency. This is very important. Have you watched 127 hours? Not to scare you on your next trip. But better be prepared than stuck between to rocks.

 127 Hours Between a Rock and a Hard Buried Into the Wild


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